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Experience and share what Einaudi’s music means to you.

Listen to 5 of Einaudi's most popular tracks and share how this music makes you feel. It could be a comment, drawing, photo, or video about what the music means to you.


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Daniel Coke
Posted on 18/12/12

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By far the most beautiful track I have ever heard. This reduced me to tears, and still has an amazing cathartic effect over me every time I hear it. The piece tears you apart bit by bit and reduces you to nothing, yet leaves you feeling alive and new,…


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Keoni D'Souza
Posted on 08/12/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="766"}
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A slow, subtle, beautiful piece it starts off as and embarks on a slow crescendo to the part approaching the chorus until Einaudi bumps up the pace to make this beautiful piece even more beautiful. I love the whole entire piece and I love every single…


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Melvin Tan
Posted on 07/11/12

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I think this song is what made me notice Einaudi and his talented compositions. This song is so indescribable yet it is so relatable. I could sense the pain, the heartbreak and the eventual breakthrough in this song. I feel the emotions in my heart, I…


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David Rougvie
Posted on 22/08/12

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Heard Ludovico play Nightbook live in Glasgow last year, and wasn't too sure what to think about his live music untill he played Nightbook, and as soon as he played this track he had me from then on in.., and from then on I grateful to be there and thought…


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Posted on 28/07/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="760"}
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There is hardly a day that passes by when I don't listen to Einaudi. I first introduced to his composition back in 2010 summer by a friend of mine, when I first moved here. He told me you will be needing this alot. He is a monumental inspiration to many…


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Posted on 26/07/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="758"}
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No hubo duelo Incomprendida imploro consuelo Descalza, segaron mi amor En las colinas del amor aún vago intacta Por la senda de la eternidad Ya no soy eternidad And its poetry gave me its fine old bite And I could never say farewell And the music in…


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Posted on 23/07/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="756"}
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I was listening to Nuvole Bianche when I came upon this view. The music made me contemplate the scene for a long time. Later at home I drew this from memory.


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Steffani Benton
Posted on 19/07/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="754"}
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This for me came at a difficult time that involved a lot of traveling, and Divenire was one of those pieces that cradled me close and kept me sane. The entire album in general proved to me a form of therapy. Some days I cried and never stopped, and some…


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Daniel Clarke
Posted on 18/07/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="752"}
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This is a poem I wrote whilst listening to Nuvole Bianche. I love Ludovico Einaudi and I encourage other to listen to his music. There is atleast one song everyone. For me, it is Nuvole Bianche, Fairy Tale, and The Earth Prelude. As the bustling of life…


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Johnny Love
Posted on 17/07/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="750"}
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The ambience of this track is quite haunting, hypnotic even. When it;s being played, you can physically see people stopping what they are doing and sub conciously trying to work out what the hell just made them do it. Sheer quality.


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Natasha Irving
Posted on 17/07/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="749"}
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Every time I listen to this peace of music I cry. With the first gentle notes which sing a song of unending timeless age my tears fall and I elapse into a space of love, sadness, loss, life, memories, joy and what is yet to come. It is my favorite out…


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Posted on 09/06/12

TRACK: {embed="emotions/title" post_to_song="730"}
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María escuchó la puerta cerrarse de golpe tras el. Se dio vuelta veloz, pero la mano que golpeó contra la mesada la tomó por sorpresa. Quiso saludarlo, pero se le había secado la garganta. Le susurró al oido palabras hirientes y María sintió el…


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